I’m excited to have a brand new video for you today with my most special guest – Piper!! Piper joins me in this fun-for-Fall apple song called FARMER BROWN HAD FIVE RED APPLES.

BUT – before we get to it, just a reminder that:


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And now, as we turn our attention to Fall, it’s time to start talking about and singing about (and eating!) – and counting –  APPLES!  So, I’ve got a new Apple Song video for you today:



  • NUMBERS, COUNTING & SUBTRACTION: That’s a lot for one song, right?! Well, in this cute song Farmer Brown cannot stop eating his/her apples. He starts with 5, and plucks one at a time and eats it “greedily”. And we find out along the way how many apples he has left after he eats each one. It’s an fun introduction to subtraction, as well numbers, counting and one-to-one correspondence.
  • FINE MOTOR SKILLS:  Whether you do this how we do it in the video (construction paper apples taped to Piper’s fingers), simply with your fingers alone, or with some sort of object, the little ones will be working on their fine motor skills – whether that be holding up their fingers while counting, or reaching and grasping one item at a time to take away. 
  • ALL ABOUT APPLES!:  It’s that time of year where we talk about apples and Fall, visit orchards, do apple art, maybe make apple snacks – and it’s so much fun! This song supports all of that. Through this song we learn that Apples are grown on trees, often on a farm. We learn that they are picked off of the trees and that they are red. (Or change the color to green or yellow! The original version of this song is “Farmer Brown had 5 GREEN apples.”) This song supports all that seasonal learning in one simple song!  

If you like this video, I’d love it if you’d share it! Here’s the link –> https://youtu.be/uVYCcs87eTI

I hope you find this week’s video and song helpful!

As always, feel free to use these videos in your classes or at home with family and friends.

Have a wonderful week!


Miss Nina

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