January 1st, 2023 marks the 11th birthday of The Miss Nina Weekly Video show AND my weekly email!



It’s hard to believe that I’ve been sending out emails every Tuesday for 11 years straight! And producing weekly YouTube videos!



In 2012 when I started publishing weekly sing-along, move-along videos for toddlers and preschoolers it was with a mission of providing active screen time that would engage children’s minds and bodies rather than passively watching a screen and that would create an experience that felt interactive to them where they would feel seen and heard by the other end of the screen and with a real human rather than animation. ( Children need to see real human faces and emotions to learn about emotions & empathy).



In 2011 I began toying with the idea of making children’s music videos on YouTube that “broke the 4th wall” and talked to the children. But I felt really shy and self conscious about it!



The final push to start my regular weekly content was my sweet friend, Samantha, who at 18 months was getting treatment for Lymphoma and would watch my one Wheels On The Bus video “with the pink guitar” on repeat while in the Oncology Unit, and her parents and nurses had sweetly (and desperately – LOL!) Asked if I would please make another video for some much needed variety. LOL!



And so it began. And what a ride! My video show has been an experience full of growth and expansion personally and professionally! I’ve ended up reaching and connecting with children and families around the globe, having my videos used in classrooms and homes from China and Japan to South Africa, Australia to Europe, North America and South America and everywhere in between.


I’ve made friends, had incredible collaborations, have had my talented kids music friends as guests including several JUNO & GRAMMY award nominees and winners, partnered with YouTube Studios in NYC, worked with Make-A-Wish and received incredible opportunities that all happened as a result of the video show.



It’s been an incredibly meaningful and touching experience. You’ve written and told me how my videos have helped your children through medical procedures, with bedtime routines & medication routines and with tantrums. I’ve heard how they’ve helped your children learn to read, clean-up and learn English. I’ve learned how they’ve helped teachers in their planning, classroom management and teaching… the list goes on and it’s been such a blessing to know that by following this little nudge in my head and heart back in 2011 that told me to do this that I would impact so many.



But now, I’m just feeling called – much like I felt back then – to do something different. To make space for the new. New what? I don’t know yet! Lol! But I am just feeling pulled to open up my time, and my mind and some space in my life to play creatively and explore new directions.



So, with much much – so much! – reflection and in support from my family and friends, I’ve come to the decision to take a sabbatical from the Miss Nina Weekly Video show and Weekly Email. This is for an undetermined and indefinite amount of time.





I’m keeping the sabbatical open ended because if there is a pressure of an end date, I won’t feel the freedom I need to just be, explore, reflect and see what  new and wonderful things might come out of this time.



But don’t worry! It won’t be complete silence! I’ll be sure to reach out in email every so often throughout this year, and there may be some new videos….just not for a while. 🙂



I am still teaching my online classes and I am still performing at libraries. You can still access all of my videos on YouTube and even more over in the Pink Guitar Club!! My website is still accessible as is all of my music and albums on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon. It is just he weekly video show and email that are going on hiatus.



So – this is not fully goodbye! Just a much needed pause. Thank you for being here. Thank you for all of your support and kindness and love. Thank you for having Miss Nina be a part of you and your children’s lives.


So long, for now….



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