Time for more Fall Fun! The leaves have started changing colors here in Minnesota, and just beginning to fall from the trees. I found some on my walk that were perfect to use in this week’s preschool Fall Song video:


This is a very adaptable song, to the tune of London Bridge Is Falling Down. Since we did the preschool Fall Song  “The Leaves Are Falling Down”  last year – where used scarves and played in the “leaves”, pretended to rake them and then we jumped into our big pile – for this week’s song, I decided to focus on the leaves and the colors they turn in the fall: Red, Yellow, Orange and Brown.

But you can definitely adapt this song to add in raking, and jumping if you want to!





  • ALL ABOUT AUTUMN: It’s a great jumping off point to talk about Autumn and why we call it “Fall”. And to talk about the colors the leaves turn before they fall off of the trees. Going for a nature walk and finding actual leaves that are red, yellow, orange and/or brown – both on and off of the trees –  is an excellent activity to help with the concrete learning about nature and the world around us.
  • COLOR IDENTIFICATION:  Color identification/learning the names of our colors is a big part of our preschool and brain development. Looking at actual leaves or pictures of leaves and naming them and their colors is even a pre-reading skill.
  • SCIENCE & NATURE EXPLORATION:  Talking about our natural world and how it works is part of science. Even simply talking about what happens to trees in each season, or that the leaves fall DOWN from the trees, but they do not fall UP introduces basic science and nature ideas.

If you like this video, I’d love it if you’d share it! Here’s the link –> https://youtu.be/F7e6tYKYbyo



If you’d like to have more Fall Fun – check out The Leaves Are Falling Down where I’m joined by Piper – and a whole bunch of movement scarves!:

Preschool Fall Song and Movement Activity | The Leaves Are Falling Down |


I hope you find this week’s video and song helpful! And as always, feel free to use these videos in your classes or at home with family and friends.


Miss Nina


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