It’s October and therefore it’s Pumpkin Season!
(I know, a lot of you start in on all things Pumpkin in September but I hold out until October – LOL!)
So – time for Pumpkin songs, pumpkin activities and Halloween stuff! But, as you’ll hear me say in this video, I couldn’t find a pumpkin song or rhyme to do!
I’ve done 5 Little Pumpkins SO MANY TIMES in so many ways (literally – I’ve got 4 or 5 5 Little Pumpkin videos on my channel), and a couple of other pumpkin rhymes – but I could not find any new ones for this week.
Enter: Piper!
Piper had just recently learned the old (unending) song “Found A Peanut”. You know that one? It’s to the tune of Clementine and it goes on and on from finding a peanut, to eating it and like, all the way to dying, going to heaven and being reborn – LOL! Ok- we don’t go that far with it today.
Anyhow – so she suggested I take the song Found A Peanut and change it to Found A Pumpkin. Together we worked out a few verses, I came up with the motions and VOILA! Today I have for you:


(Sadly, Piper declined being IN the actual video this week – but she still gets all the credit for this idea!)



  • PANTOMIME PUMPKIN PICKING:  Little ones will get to use their imagination while learning about what shape a pumpkin is, how to hold it and what “heavey” feels like. In this song we go through the steps of finding a pumpkin, carrying it, cutting off the top, scooping it out and then “carving” it. If you are going to do pumpkin picking and carving in real life – this is a great way to talk/sing through all the steps first!
  • SPEECH AND LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT:  As we know, rhyme and repetition are some of the most helpful tools for speech and language development. This song is SUPER repetitive and will help the kiddos practice and develop their speech.
  • A ZIPPER SONG: Zipper songs are songs that are easy to replace a word or idea to change the song while also keeping it the same. This can be a zipper song for the kids – you can ask them “what comes next when we go to pick a pumpkin” and come up with your own version of this song. But this can also be a Zipper song for teachers and adults – you can take this song’s set up and use it for any unit or time of year or activity you’re exploring!

Here’s the link –>

And if you’d like to see some of those 5 Little Pumpkins videos you can find them here:

5 Little Pumpkins | Book Song for Preschool Kids to Read and Sing Along To!


5 Little Pumpkins – OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO – Miss Nina

Enjoy & Happy Pumpkin Season!



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