It is a busy time of year! You might be wrapping up your school year or getting ready for preschool graduation – OR you might already be into your summer plans and programming!


Since we all might be on a different page right now, I thought I’d do a video for a preschool song that’s good for anytime.


The song is called Roly Poly!


There are a few variations of it out there to different tunes and with different motions. The version I learned (and present you today) is to the tune of Open Shut Them.


Preschool kids, toddlers and kindergarten children will have fun rolling their arms like we do in The Wheels on The Bus. We also get to practice crossing the midline when we bring out arms in, using our muscles and coordination when we extend our arms out and up, and everyone loves flying and fluttering like a butterfly at the end. So here for you is a preschool song with motions, Roly Poly!




  • UPPER BODY MUSCLE DEVELOPMENT:  Crossing the midline, reaching up and out and rolling our arms…all of these movements develop our muscles and coordination. These upper body muscles eventually help support our fine motor skills and aid in little ones being able to hold a fork and/or spoon, and then a pen or pencil and eventually write!

  • LEARN CONCEPTS OF IN & OUT:  I like using this song to explore the concepts of in and out. In can mean inside, and it can also mean moving closer toward the center… and likewise out can mean outside and also, moving away from the center of something. These concepts can be a little abstract at times for little ones, and I think this song is a great help toward that. 

  • CATERPILLAR & BUTTERFLY FUN: I often use this song when we are dong a caterpillar and butterfly unit for several reasons: 1. it goes well with the Roly Poly Caterpillar rhyme: 2. With the concepts of In & Out you can use this to talk about the caterpillar going INside a chrysalis and then coming OUT a butterfly; 3. the last line we fly like a butterfly – so its perfect! 🙂



And of course, I’d love it if you would share this video anyone who might find it fun and/or useful:


Wishing you a wonderful week ahead and, if you are in the USA, a wonderful holiday weekend!


I’ll see you in your inbox next Tuesday!




Miss Nina


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