Here we are, at the end of one of the most challenging school years of our lives. Some of you might already be done! I think we are all ready for some Springtime Fun!!

I just want to take a moment to stop and give everyone virtual hugs and pats on the back for all you have done this year!

Whether you are a teacher, a parent, a grandparent or therapist; whether the kids in your life were full Distance Learning, in person, Hybrid or a hybrid of all of these throughout the course of this year – THANK YOU!

Thank you for your flexibility, for meeting every challenge head on, for trying new things, embracing new ways, making the best of the worst situations and helping the children in your life. Thank you for finding ways to get and be positive for the little ones. Not only do you deserve hugs and pats on the back – you deserve a BREAK!!! I hope you find a way to take some time this summer for rest, relaxation, recreation and rejuvenation.



So, with all that – I just wanted to do a song this week that perhaps syncs up with your Spring/Summer time themes (outdoors, insects, etc.) but that is just light and fun. After a heavy year, a dose of a lighthearted, Springtime Fun song to sing and dance to & lift our spirits is just what the doctor ordered – IMHO anyway! 🙂



  • FRIENDLY ATTITUDE TOWARD BUGS: In this song, a pesky fly is bothering us and we tell it to “shoo” because “I belong to somebody”. It’s a little bit of a joke, telling the fly that as much as it seems to love us, we can’t be with it right now, we already “belong” to someone. 🙂  It demonstrates/models having a lighthearted approach to insects and bugs – rather than being afraid of them. Feel free to interchange the word “fly” with “bee” or “spider” or any bug you’d like!
  • POSITIVE ATTITUDE: The second part of this song is an upbeat chorus that says “I feel like a morning star” that we we joyously repeat! Although it’s supposed to be a lyric celebrating that “I belong to somebody” – I don’t think children necessarily make that connection. But I do find that they love the words, idea and feeling of “I feel like a morning star” and that singing that, and dancing to that, is a dose of positivity that they love.
  • FINE AND GROSS MOTOR: You can do this song sitting down and just doing the hand motions that I demonstrate in this video or you can get up and dance around to it. The waving of our hands to shoo the fly, and the wiggling of our fingers in the “morning start” part work on our fine motor skills – and the larger arm movements and dancing work on our gross motor skills.

View video above and here’s a link to share –> https://youtu.be/JdALxCxoPK0


And if you’re in the USA – have a wonderful holiday weekend!!
I am SO excited to go and finally visit and see my mother for the first time in 18 months!!
I wish us all a restful and enjoyable holiday weekend – we’ve earned it!!! 🙂

Have a great week!


Miss Nina

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