Well I meant to get this one out to you back in September….but really, any time of year is good for a “new” ABC song, right?!

I put the word new in quotations because this song of mine, New Alphabet, is actually a wee bit old. LOL! It came out in 2013 on my album Sha Doo Be Doop. 

BUT, it’s called the New Alphabet because it’s a new tune for the alphabet song – but same old letters. LOL!

It’s a DANCE song! You move along with me while I rap/sing the verses, and move and read the ABCs along with me on the chorus. Are you ready??!!! I am so so so so excited to finally have made this video!!

Let me know what you and your little one(s) think of it! I definitely had fun making it!

Please feel free to share, use at home, and/or in your classes – in person OR online! Here’s the link to share: https://youtu.be/nAdpsWHxC-s


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And join us online tomorrow (Wednesday) at 4:30 Eastern / 3:30 Central / 2:30 Mountain / 1:30 Pacific for some live, online sing-along fun – and I’ll be sure to do this one with you!

You can join us either on Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/mymissnina


on YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/missninasweeklyvideoshow

Hope to see you there! Enjoy this week’s video!


Miss Nin

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