Episodes of the Miss Nina weekly video show!

On this blog you’ll also be treated to exclusive commentary from miss nina on how to incoroporate these songs and activities into your home, classroom, story time and life:

Sunshine & More Library Shows!

This week I really felt that moment. I suddenly felt very....in the middle of summer.  The world feels sun-soaked, the pace of life has slowed a lot, regular schedules (like bedtimes!) seem to have been suspended, and the evenings are lazy and endless. I love it! And...

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Baby Sharks & more DE Library Shows

Good morning & Happy Tuesday! I hope you had a wonderful holiday last week (if you're in the USA) and that you're enjoying the summertime! Last week my husband and i packed and packed and packed up our house in Maplewood, NJ, loaded all our stuff into PODs, and...

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Sing & Sign with Margot Bevington

HAPPY TUESDAY! I'm writing to you from my kitchen table - about to begin a day of packing, packing, packing. The last 18 days have been such a whirlwind full - especially last week. I've been having my last classes and my last concerts and preschool graduation...

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Facebook Lives & Final Concerts: We’re Moving!

Happy Tuesday! This last week has been a whirlwind of final concerts, last classes, and graduations - It has been super fun and full of emotion! [gallery ids="3318,3321,3319"] And there's more to come! I just attended Piper's preschool graduation last night, and I've...

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“Mama Don’t Allow…” + Thank Yous + Concerts!

Good morning friends! What a fun week we had last week. Thanks so much to The Busy Bee and all who came out for a super fun morning last Wednesday, and on Thursday - Wow! What a FUN Facebook Live! We had people join us from New Jersey to Michigan to Canada (British...

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