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On this blog you’ll also be treated to exclusive commentary from miss nina on how to incoroporate these songs and activities into your home, classroom, story time and life:

Fall Fun! 25+ Minutes of Non-Stop Autumn Kids Songs

Happy Tuesday! Oh my goodness - I LOVE OCTOBER!! I mean, when its cloudy and grey, maybe not so much. LOL! But when the sky is that clear blue that it can get this time of year, the leaves are turning and there are beautiful fall colors all around, and I start craving...

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Apple Picking Song & NYC Performance!

Happy Tuesday! Well, it is officially Autumn now, and it is starting to look like it a little bit around here. Leaves are starting to turn colors and fall from the trees - and the apples are crunchy and sweet! I have a new video and song just right for this time of...

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Transitioning to Fall + Lots Move-Along Fun!

Happy Tuesday! I hope your week is off to a great start! I've got to tell you - these first two weeks of Back-To-School were a little disorienting. The weather out here in Minnesota turned decidedly Fall-like almost immediately. It was cool, in a way, because we got...

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